My compassionate vow is to save sentient beings;
My body is that of the Dharma ocean that binds no boats;
Ask me what have I achieved in this lifetime?
May the Buddha's Light shine over the five continents.
- Venerable Grand Master Hsing Yun
A great monastic who promotes Humanistic Buddhism
Buddha's  Light  International  Association is founded
and  established  by  Venerable  Grand  Master  Hsing
found   a   reformer,  an  innovator,  and an  educator.
Under his strong leadership, Buddhism has extended
beyond traditional temple life to integrate and further
enrich  the  modern  living  of  city dwellers. Today,  it
has    transcended    national   boundaries    and   has
opportunity to be a part of it.

BLIA  is not the organization of a certain sect, temple,
or person.  It is an organization that belongs to all the
Buddhists  in  the world. People who subscribe to the
guiding principles of BLIA  are  welcome  as "Buddha's Light Friends." Along with India
and Indian sub continent,  BLIA chapters have  been established worldwide. There are
establishments  in  the  United  States  of  America,   Canada,  Australia,  New  Zealand,
France,   Germany,   the   United Kingdom,  the Netherlands,  Sweden, Norway, Russia,
Malaysia, Singapore,   the   Philippines,   Japan,   Hong Kong,   Macao, Thailand, Brazil,
Argentina,    Africa,   etc.   Gradually   but surely,   there   will   be   BLIA establishments
throughout every corner of the world  where the presence of BLIA members will make
a difference for the benefit of humanity.

Due  to   the   fact   that   BLIA  is  able  to  meet  the  challenges  dictated   by   modern
technology,   the   seeds   of   Buddhism   can   easily   be planted  throughout the five
continents.   In   addition,   under   the   strong   support  in  the  ideal of "Respect and
Magnanimity,"  members  of  BLIA  strive  to  emulate  the  Bodhisattva's  spirit to  help
actualize the motto of BLIA:
"May kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity pervade all dharma realms;
May all beings from heaven and earth benefit from our blessings and friendship;
May our ethical practice of Chan and Pure Land help us to realize equality and
patience;May we undertake the greatest vows with humility and gratitude."
Modeling  our  behaviors  on  the Four Great Bodhisattvas, we recite this motto before each meal to remind us
of  our  vows to help others, to  make  this  world a better place, to bring joy to humanity, and to achieve peace
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