Geography of BLIA Saurashtra Central Gujarat Chapter
"Kathiawad"   is    part    of
Gujarat   state    of    India,
bounded  on the  north by
the great   wetland  of  the  
Rann  of   Kutch,   on   the
northwest  by   the Gulf  of
Kutch,  on   the  west  and  
south by the  Arabian Sea,
and    on   the    southeast
and   east   by    the   Gulf  
of    Cambay.   A    person  
from  Kathiawad  is  called
Kathiawadi.  The   Districts
of  Kathiawad  are  Rajkot,
Jamnagar,       Bhavnagar,
Surendranagar,      Amreli,
Porbandar  and Junagadh.
 Diu,   an    island      town
formerly part of Portuguese India and now part   of  the  Indian  union territory of Daman and Diu,
lies off the south  coast  of Kathiawad.

Before Indian  independence in  1947,  most  of  Kathiawad  was divided into numerous  princely
states, ruled   by  local  potentates  who  acknowledged  British  sovereignty   in   return for local
autonomy.  Upon   independence,  Kathiawad   became   part  of  India,   although   the  Muslim  
ruler of Junagadh sought to become part of Pakistan; India intervened, and Junagadh  acceded
to  India.  The former princely  states  of  Kathiawad  were  grouped  into  the  new  province  of  
Saurashtra,   which  became  a  state  in  1950. In 1956, Saurashtra was merged into  Bombay  
state, and in 1st May  1960, Bombay  state  was divided along linguistic lines into the new states
of  Gujarat and  Maharashtra.  Gujarat  located  on  the western-most part in India is one among
several  federal  states in the Union  of  India.  Formed  in 1960  as  a separate State and hence
Saurashtra is become a part of Gujarat.

Where as Central Gujarat contains, Ahmedabad,  Kheda,   Nadiyad,   Anand,  Baroda, Mehsana
Districts. The total population of Gujarat  is  about  55  million. There are many ancients Buddha
Caves  in  Saurashtra.  The  Saurashtra  region  as a fully Buddhist region once upon a time of
great King Ashoka (
BC 270.)
Working With BLIA
In the year 1998,  it  was  the  time of tragic cyclone passed through Kandala (Gandhidham)  of
Kutch District of Gujarat State. Thousands of human lives  had been destroyed very badly.  The
Government system became fails to boost the post  cyclone  effect. At such  a  time  the  people
of Gujarat had met BLIA assistance. There were many NGOs working in  Kandala area. But they
used  to  work  for  their  own  community  (Caste).  Only   BLIA   had   worked  for  the exploited
untouchable down trodden community.

January 2001, the  drastic  Earthquake  destroyed all most all Kutch regions and other six major
Districts of Gujarat State.  Unfortunately  same thing repeated. BLIA gave  humanistic  massage  
and come forward to help  the  poor people.
Venerable Bhikshuni  Chuehmen  came  to Gujarat.
The potential BLIA members had an opportunity to work with Venerable  Chueh  Men.  With  the  
great  inspiration of Grand Master  Venerable  Hsing  Yun and Venerable Chuehmen,  Potential  
Members have come together and formed BLIA Organizing Committee in Presence of Venerable
Chuehmen in the year 2001. This was officially inaugurated during 10th General  Conference at
Taiwan in name  of  “BLIA Gujarat Chapter”.  As  explained  above,  the Gujarat State is very big
state having 50 million human population and hence to advocate and to  propagate  Humanistic  
Buddhism  in  whole  Gujarat,  we  have  expanded  our  activities  in  the  Name of
Central  Gujarat   Organizing   Committee”
 in   the  year   November   2004. During 2001 to
2004 we have conducted remarkable activities under guidance of Venerable  Chuehmen &  
Miao Ru in the Saurashtra and Central Gujarat zone. Since 2001,  Chapter was working  as an   
Organizing   Committee.  The   Chapter   was  officially  recognized  as  the  regional Chapter in  
October  2006  During 11th  General  Conference  of  Buddha's  Light  International Conference
at Taiwan.